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Retired. Worked in NSW Corrections = published memoir C areering into Corrections - inaugural manager of the first pre-release community Transitional Centre (for women) in NSW. Now do voluntary work - State Library - editorial panel of Volunteers' Voices magazine. Invited to be speaker on my book, writing, and other activities.

Government ‘Services’

Today I embarked on a web hunt for some specific information from the NSW Office of Fair Trading. While I wouldn’t class myself as a whizz-bang technological expert I am reasonably competent. But I met my match with this website. … Continue reading

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Plan your trip using NSW Transport

Dear Minister for Transport, Needing to travel from Bondi Beach to Ramsgate RSL by public transport, I took the advice of the NSW Transport website and copied down the directions as listed by the Trip Planner for that trip. The … Continue reading

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Going to Jail

Why would a middle class, middle aged suburban housewife and mother, mature aged university student, go to work in a jail? Well, when that career of a quarter of a century of marriage and motherhood crumbled around her, she found … Continue reading

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No Place like Home

but how come I’m out almost every day? The gym, the voluntary work, the grocers, the dentist, the doctor, the podiatrist, the ophthalmologist, the pathologist, the radiographer! What is it about the ageing process that takes so much time? Well … Continue reading

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Strata Living

Dear Resident of no. 16     Although we’ve never met in the eighteen months since I moved here, I feel that not only do I know you, I know you intimately. Late at night, or in the early hours … Continue reading

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  I could no longer put it off. Bodies had been washed and cleaned, and caked-on excrement sponged off and disposed of. The final cups of tea had been slurped and sucked, and the evening shift was coming to an … Continue reading

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She stood there, a small, stocky dog with short, light-brown fur and squat legs squarely planted on her rug. A leash trailed listlessly beside her. I passed by her as I obeyed the therapist’s direction to walk briskly around the … Continue reading

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