Plan your trip using NSW Transport

Dear Minister for Transport,
Needing to travel from Bondi Beach to Ramsgate RSL by public transport, I took the advice of the NSW Transport website and copied down the directions as listed by the Trip Planner for that trip.
The first direction was to catch the train from Bondi Junction Station to Rockdale Station, which I duly did.
And thereby hangs a tale!
The next instruction was to go to Railway Parade, Rockdale, locate Bus Stand A, catch bus no 947 and alight on the 19th stop.
I walked up and down Railway Parade, but could find only Stands G & H. In final frustration I enquired of some commuters where I might get the bus to Ramsgate. ‘Oh’, they said,’ that stand is on the other side of the railway line.’
So NOT Railway Parade, but GEEVES Street.
I found Stand A, but alas it was for bus no. 422 which goes into the city.
Again I appealed in frustration to a commuter. ‘No,’ he said, “I think tha the bus you need goes from Stand C or Stand B.
So I hiked back to Stand C – didn’t look like a bus to Ramsgate went from that stand. So I tried Stand B. Success I think. There is a bus that looks like it might take me to Ramsgate – NOT 947, but 478.
A 478 arrived and I asked the driver to let me off at the stop nearest to Ramsgate RSL. He didn’t know where it was, and when I gave him the cross street, he demurred, saying that he didn’t go past that intersection.
So in desperation I called on the passengers.
Success again. I was to be let off at Coles and walk 2 minutes to the Club.
I found it.
And so dear Minister for Transport, my request is that you travel from Bondi Junction Station to the Ramsgate RSL using the helpful directions provided by your Trip Planner site.

About cleolynch

Retired. Worked in NSW Corrections = published memoir C areering into Corrections - inaugural manager of the first pre-release community Transitional Centre (for women) in NSW. Now do voluntary work - State Library - editorial panel of Volunteers' Voices magazine. Invited to be speaker on my book, writing, and other activities.
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