Going to Jail

Why would a middle class, middle aged suburban housewife and mother, mature aged university student, go to work in a jail? Well, when that career of a quarter of a century of marriage and motherhood crumbled around her, she found herself on the margins of society, a sole parent on a pension. Part time work over that quarter of a century had been structured around family responsibilities, not career trajectories. Studies in  an Arts degree majoring in Medieval Literature did not hold promise of a career, but as some wits suggested, maybe were entirely appropriate for a career in the NSW prison system!

What surreal world did this employment decision catapult her into? And how did this decision enable her to advance to becoming the inaugural manager of the first pre-release community-based transitional centre in this state? And then to write a published memoir, Careering into Corrections?

Well, that’s another story.

About cleolynch

Retired. Worked in NSW Corrections = published memoir C areering into Corrections - inaugural manager of the first pre-release community Transitional Centre (for women) in NSW. Now do voluntary work - State Library - editorial panel of Volunteers' Voices magazine. Invited to be speaker on my book, writing, and other activities.
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